Automobile Cargo Transportation

Automobile Cargo Transportation is one of the most convenient and cost-effective type of delivery of goods. Besides automobile transportation is the most common mode of door-to-door cargo delivery, therefore it is the leader among all other types of transportation. Trucking allows the delivery of goods from the sender to the consignor without additional loading and unloading, which increases the speed of delivery and significantly reduces the risk of damage to the cargo, as well as the total cost of shipping. The core advantage of road transport is an extensive network of roads and highways, independence from railways, which makes it possible to make individual routes.

"High Speed Logistics" offers its customers trucking services at the most favorable tariffs and in the shortest possible time.

Oversized transportation

The company "High Speed Logistics" provides high-quality "oversized transportation" services to European or Asian countries.

Oversized cargo with a width of more than 2.6 meters, a height of 4 meters or a length of more than 22 meters should be transported taking into account the characteristics of roads, as well as, according to the rules of movement for them.

Our company performs oversized transportation with taking into consideration all norms and compliance with the standards.

To implement the order for oversized transportation, we issue the necessary permission for delivery, coordinate our route with the State Traffic Inspection. In addition, we approve the time for oversized transportation and the route through the cities, and also select the appropriate vehicle for oversized cargo.

Specialists of "High Speed Logistics" perform oversized transportation according to your requirements. We provide oversized cargo with the necessary documentation, select the appropriate vehicle, in order to help the owners of goods to avoid challenging documentation, and save their money.

We deliver the oversized cargo to the destination in the approved time, we control the process of transportation and delivery of the cargo to the recipient and we arrange all necessary documents.


Specialists of the company "High Speed Logistics" have a number of following advantages in transportation of oversized cargo:

  • Saving resources – our managers have studied the legislative and regulatory framework of customs services of different countries, that's why we can answer any questions in this field, therefore oversized transportation of our company is much faster and economic than other companies;
  • Transportation of oversize with the company "High Speed Logistics" - a guarantee of delivery of cargo on the most optimal route, which provides significant savings in fuel consumption;


Kinds of cargoes that we carry:

  • Standard cargoes
  • Oversized cargo
  • Expensive cargoes
  • Cargoes requiring a temperature regime

Cargo insurance

Based on the type of cargo and route at the request of customers and on their behalf, we can organize a partial or full insurance policy from the leading Uzbek insurance company UZBEKINVEST with an authorized capital of $ 60 million US dollars. It has a complete portfolio of insurance services for various goods. According to the results of international rating agency Moody's Investors Services Ltd (Great Britain) in 2016, rate of UZBEKINVEST was recognized as constant and raised from B1 to Ba3 with the forecast «Stable».

Our advantages:

  • Qualitative execution of our duties to the client
  • Guarantee of consistency at all stages of cargo movement
  • Free and professional advice on the entire range of issues related to the transport of goods
  • Individual approach
  • Detailed examination of the road and registration of all necessary permits for transportation of large and heavy cargoes
  • Offering a comprehensive and thought-out transport solution in accordance with the changing needs of the client.

Railway cargo transportation

The company "High Speed Logistics" performs the transportation of goods by rail in any direction.

Our company provides a full range of freight forwarding services related to the railway transportation of goods: acceptance of goods by quantity and quality, loading into wagons, storage, transportation, tracking, unloading, door-to-door delivery, delivery to recipients, etc.

Railway transportation of goods is an optimal choice, which associate cost and period of delivery goods. Railway transportation includes covered wagons, IW thermoses andrefrigerated sections.

To give an order for railway transportation of goods, it is enough for you to send the application to us, in any accessible way to you: by phone, fax or e-mail. Moreover, you can use the electronic application form the site.

Long-yearwork experience allows our company to carry out railwaytransportation of goods at high-level quality, with observance of all necessary standards, which ensures the safety of cargoes, stable time of delivery and reasonable prices.

One of the core priority of our job is a high standard of service. We try to approach each client individually, having satisfied all its needs and wishes.

Order railway transportation of cargo in our company, and you will see the best relation of high quality and affordable prices!

Multimodal transportation

Cargo transportation with the use of various modes of transport was named - multimodal or mixed transportation. This type of delivery is an integral part of the transportation of goods on a "door-to-door".

To ensure maximum efficiency and save costs in formulation of multimodal transport, our company uses the optimal mode of transport for each section of the path, control the process at each stage, and ensure the delivery of goods on time.

Specialists of our company will calculate and agree in advance on the optimal schemes and route of traffic, time and place of customs clearance,transferring points of goods, the possibility of temporary storage of goods.