Railway cargo transportation

The company "High Speed Logistics" performs the transportation of goods by rail in any direction.

Our company provides a full range of freight forwarding services related to the railway transportation of goods: acceptance of goods by quantity and quality, loading into wagons, storage, transportation, tracking, unloading, door-to-door delivery, delivery to recipients, etc.

Railway transportation of goods is an optimal choice, which associate cost and period of delivery goods. Railway transportation includes covered wagons, IW thermoses andrefrigerated sections.

To give an order for railway transportation of goods, it is enough for you to send the application to us, in any accessible way to you: by phone, fax or e-mail. Moreover, you can use the electronic application form the site.

Long-yearwork experience allows our company to carry out railwaytransportation of goods at high-level quality, with observance of all necessary standards, which ensures the safety of cargoes, stable time of delivery and reasonable prices.

One of the core priority of our job is a high standard of service. We try to approach each client individually, having satisfied all its needs and wishes.

Order railway transportation of cargo in our company, and you will see the best relation of high quality and affordable prices!