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Automobile Cargo Transportation

Automobile Cargo Transportation is one of the most convenient and cost-effective type of delivery of goods. Besides automobile transportation is the most common mode of door-to-door cargo delivery, therefore it is the leader among all other types of transportation. Trucking allows the delivery of goods from the sender to the consignor without additional loading and unloading, which increases the speed of delivery and...

Oversized transportation

The company "High Speed Logistics" provides high-quality "oversized transportation" services to European or Asian countries. Oversized cargo with a width of more than 2.6 meters, a height of 4 meters or a length of more than 22 meters should be transported taking into account the characteristics of roads, as well as, according to the rules of movement for them. Our company performs oversized...

Railway cargo transportation

The company "High Speed Logistics" performs the transportation of goods by rail in any direction. Our company provides a full range of freight forwarding services related to the railway transportation of goods: acceptance of goods by quantity and quality, loading into wagons, storage, transportation, tracking, unloading, door-to-door delivery, delivery to recipients, etc. Railway transportation of...

Multimodal transportation

Cargo transportation with the use of various modes of transport was named - multimodal or mixed transportation. This type of delivery is an integral part of the transportation of goods on a "door-to-door". To ensure maximum efficiency and save costs in formulation of multimodal transport, our company uses the optimal mode of transport for each section of the path, control the process at each stage, and...


The service of "combined cargo" is suitable for small and medium business participants, in short, for those who are not ready to wait until the whole container is fully loaded.


The service of "combined cargo" is suitable for small and medium business participants, in short, for those who are not ready to wait until the whole container is fully loaded.


The service of "combined cargo" is suitable for small and medium business participants, in short, for those who are not ready to wait until the whole container is fully loaded.

About us

“High Speed Logistics” Ltd. - a freight forwarding company offers you a complex of services for the organization of auto and rail freight from Uzbekistan to the countries of the Middle East, China, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. and back, from the countries of the Middle East to Uzbekistan.
We can also offer auto transport services and railway services. Transportation of your cargo to the countries of Europe, Russia and back to Uzbekistan.
Wide experience in the field of cargo transportation allows the company "HIGH SPEED LOGISTICS" to provide its customers with services at a high level. "HIGH SPEED LOGISTICS" puts in the first place quality and reliability. Flexible pricing policy, qualified staff, timeliness, responsibility and professionalism, as well as the development of optimal transportation schemes allow us to meet the needs of any customer, who is the largest organization oran individual one. The quality and reliability of the services of ourtransport company are an essential part of its reputation. We provide high quality services with offering our customers reasonable prices, fast order processing, reliability and short delivery times.


Our clients, having addressed to us once, certainly come to us again. Cooperate with us is very convenient and profitable. Great experience, the presence of regular customers and an excellent reputation allow us to affirm this. 
Our transport company works for you with purpose of creating comfortable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation!

Fixed prices
Prices for transportation services will depend on the type of transportation you have chosen, as well as on what type of cargo you want to transport. You can agree on the price, as well as settle the disputed issues with the managers of the company “HIGH SPEED LOGISTICS”.

You can be sure that the price will fully suit you, and will not change during the delivery of the goods.

Our principles.

Consultation of interested persons and companies for choosing the optimal route and conditions for transportation.
Time and quality of delivery are the key principles for organizing our work.
We guarantee our customers stability in the long term. 

Types of cargo transportation:

  • Automobile
  • Railway
  • Multimodal
  • Oversized

Each type of transportation has its advantages, which must be taken into account when choosing. In order to have a clear idea, you can learn in more detail each of these types of services, which are provided in the corresponding section on our website.

If you can not decide on the type of transportation, our specialists will answer all your questions. In this case, you can discuss with them all the details concerning the transportation of your cargo.


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